Saturday, January 16, 2016

rainy days and budgets

okay. as stated before, i'm still trying to get past the anxiety of placing my first order for parts. i mean, other than the weatherstripping, but that's a drop in the bucket compared to stuff i'm finally getting into now.
it's going to rain all day today, but since i've cleaned out my shed, i will attempt some work on the rear axle/differential today. cleaning. possible tear down to see if the insides seem okay, but...well, more anxiety there, of course.
i've decided, as a girl who makes TONS of lists, that i need to sit down and compare the impact on my budget between a rebuild using the original 14" wheel set up (with 5x4 bolt pattern) or upgrading to a 15" set up (and needing a set of adapters to change the bolt pattern). i'm definitely swapping the front drums to disc (as i know i've stated over and over again, and oh my god, just do it already! i can hear you all. i know.), which i can do with the 14" set up, it's just a matter of the rotors (probably) being too big to fit inside the 14" rims. a solution would be to just get extra rotors (and just maybe sell the bigger ones from the kit), so it's not an impossible scenario.
but does it just make sense to try to swap it all out and go bigger now? yes.
but let's remember that i REALLY want to keep the rim covers. i have the originals and i just think they make the car more authentic and cool.
and, my tiny budget needs to be worked out, so i've got to just sit down and price out all the parts.
what are rainy days for, anyway, right!?
looks pretty pitted and rusty...hoping i can salvage this thing with a good cleaning

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