Saturday, January 9, 2016

taking lots of notes

today will be a day of measuring and making parts lists.
i keep pretending the snow won't come. but it will. and i need to be ready.
that means, i need to have all my measurements written down and ready to pull the trigger on some parts this spring.
i've done a little more research on my leaf springs and discovered that they should fit my car.

just not sure if sitting out in the trunk (which of course needs a new floor, since there's a gaping rusted hole near the back seat) has affected the effectiveness of the bushings...

but i'll also be needing other bits and pieces...since the U-bolts had been cut off...
...not really sure if the shackles and brackets and whatnot need to be replaced. i will say that, as overwhelming as all these parts can be for me, looking at pictures and attempting to wrap my brain around how it all goes back together does seem to be calming my nerves a little.
a little.
i think once i get over the initial fear of actually buying parts and putting something back on the car, instead of just taking more apart (yes, i know that's just how the process works), then i'll feel different. right now, i'm still in that 'i feel like a great big poser' phase and i'd love to move past that.
but i have forward momentum and i'm thrilled about that!
so today i am spending most of the day measuring and cleaning (more cleaning!) and preparing for winter. i will be ready to get moving once spring arrives. i'd set a goal, but i just don't have the experience to know what a reasonable goal would be. instead...we go with the flow.


  1. I bought some parts from Performance Suspension Technology ( I know they have shackle kits.

    1. great! thanks. it's nice to know what's outside jegs and summit racing! lol