Wednesday, January 6, 2016

the things nightmares are made of

front drum to disc conversion...easy as pie, right? just buy the kit and follow the instructions!
well, which kit will fit? just look up your specs and get the corresponding kit, right?
oops...that part may not quite fit. but it says 'fits your application' it should fit, right?

maybe not. try another route...swap out another part to make that mismatched part fit.
ok...but now this other part won't fit, so you'll have to change that too.

farther and farther down the rabbit hole, i go.

i do have part of a broadcast sheet i found when i ripped out the headliner last year...
...but it doesn't offer much help when i look up a decoder...these codes just don't match the codes on any chart i find. you can see HERE that these codes mean nothing, when compared to those in the above photo. maybe i'm just i missing something?

i'm on forums for what seems like every waking hour...or messaging my car friend (or, poor guy, calling him after i've looked at so many numbers i can't even remember how numbers work any more). 
there has to be a simple solution, right? well, there is...but i'm not giving up!
oh...other than that, there's another way out, but i'm afraid that way is simply out of my budget.
so, with all this help, i think i've just decided to try to continue going forward with the drum to disc conversion, keeping the old 14" wheel and 5x4 bolt pattern, as long as i can get a kit with rotors that fit...or, possibly spending a little extra on an extra set of rotors, apart from the ones in the kit? that might work? 
time will tell.
lots and lots of time...

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