Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016: jan. 2

Well, the weather is finally starting to feel like winter. Wind is whipping and rustling the carport tarp, and my fingers are frozen.
But, we still have least a little. And, there are still things to be done.
My focus right now is finding a front drum to disc brake conversion kit that will work with my 14" rims. And, i also need to get the rear drums back in order ...and get those leaf springs in...clean up the rear axle/differential...
okay...stop running down the list...focus! this is getting to be a real problem! it's so much more obvious to me these days!
well, moving on...

the car has been on jack stands in my driveway for 3(?) years. i just put boards under those stands last week! i know, i know...rookie move, not doing it from the start. i remember someone telling me to do it, too, but i just didn't. the front two were so imbedded into the blacktop that i had to really wiggle them loose. the front end had lowered nearly an inch, i'm sure. but we're back on stands on boards.

currently doing a lot of shopping and research and worrying that parts won't fit.
it's in the back of my head that my brother told me he's not sure the new leaf springs would fit, so i'm just waiting for that shoe to drop, when i have to spend money on something i thought i already had...hoping for the best. always hoping for the best with this project.

here are some pics...
maybe it's just a half inch deep, but it was a bitch to break free!
next dirty project
trunk full of junk...and leaf springs that i hope fit on this car...and 3 tire irons!?

original color still visible inside trunk

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