Wednesday, February 24, 2016

one long sentence about nothing in particular

well, it's raining.
i guess i'm glad it's not snowing, since i have parts piled waist high, just waiting to get outside.
I had to cancel my last car date, due to lack of preparedness. my friend is so kind to want to try to do as much as possible while he's here, but it is difficult to make plans work sometimes. i have been busy with some charity stuff, dealing with the crazy snow storms and below freezing temps. Stuck bolts and need for new tools. tap class on saturdays, now. i finally got all the parts i ordered, but forgot to order everything (as i knew would happen)...still haven't made it out to the shed to clean the axle or change the gasket on the differential cover (no electricity out there means running an extension cord...which i'm not keen to do in the rain). i'd love to POR-15 the shock plates, now that i finally broke that last bolt off. i'd put my rear brakes back together while i'm waiting to get the leaf springs and rear axle back on but that would add so much weight to the axle that putting it back on the car would be even harder, i think.
for now, i'll just do what i can. luckily the carport is still holding up, so since the temperature has gone up, i can deal with the rain. it's my day off from work, i've fought my 36 hour cold like a boss, and i finally feel like i'm moving forward again, so maybe i'll get some stuff done today...between the usual household nonsense, getting my workout in, taking the dog to the vet, making rice crispie treats for saturday's fundraiser, practicing tap for class on saturday, and maybe getting to stop for lunch at some point.

(this blog has become a stream of consciousness....doesn't make for a very good read, i'm afraid.)

 this was the hardest thing i've had to deal with, yet! a metal cutting blade, 3 different clamps, and a sledgehammer to get that damn bold out!!

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