Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Car Show!

First of all...
There are never any Barracudas at the car shows out here.

Except this one, apparently?

I've only been to a couple car shows out here, on Cape Cod.  And, really, it's been since we inherited our '67, that I felt drawn to them.  I have never seen another Barracuda, though.  Lots of Mustangs and Camaros (oh, why am I so drawn to those Bitchin' Camaros? Is it just residual from my Dead Milkmen phase?).  Lots of Thunderbirds and Caddies.  It kind of got the the point where I felt like I was in an endless loop of the same 5 cars.
Well, this was the 12th Annual Father's Day car show.  Main Street, Hyannis, is blocked off and it's just lined with classic cars on Father's Day.  It's a pretty big deal around here, and this is the first time I've gone.  I know we always talked about taking our dad, but I think his anxiety was always too much of an issue.  Take away the crowd, and he would've loved it.
(I'm off track again!)
Since this is a big show, we did happen upon not one, but TWO, Barracudas!  The one in the picture is a '71...huge difference from the early version we have!  And, to be honest, not my cup of tea.  Even though it's early '70's (and the other one we saw was a '70...Pink Panther Pink!), you can tell it's from the '70's...for some reason, that bothers me.  Maybe because they look like they can only be driven by grease-balls with mustaches?  I don't like their style, I guess.  And I'm pretty sure the guy in the picture heard me say, 'Mine is so much cooler than this one!'...judging by the look on his face.  I kind of wish there would be a cleaned up version of my car at one of these shows.  I guess Cape Cod will just have to wait for me to step into the ring with mine!

That's not all to say I didn't have a good time...I did!  If for nothing else, than to see what a clean engine looks like!
All chrome and shined up!
Now I'm considering chrome valve covers and air filter!!

Two of my faves from the show...
If this guy can go with no front tires...can I go with no back axle?
There was a handful of cool older cars, too.

It was good for me to go, look at some cars, and remind myself that, under that grey sheet outside my window, is a car I said I would restore...so I'd better get to it!

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