Monday, July 30, 2012

My first car show!

We showed up just as this cool Thunderbird (?) pulled in.  I don't know the year or any details, but I love the look of this car!  The hilarious part was watching this woman back into the parking space...'let her back up, folks! She's really terrible at it!'  'No! Turn the wheel the other way!'  Pretty funny.
Now, this was my first car show.  But I have seen THOUSANDS of pictures from car shows.  No body else had a camera, or seemed to be taking pictures; and, people were kind of giving me funny looks when I took pictures.  Is it not okay to take pictures?  I mean, no one actually said anything to me, or questioned me...I just felt odd doing it.  Probably just me, but I don't know.
Anyway, I did see one guy using his phone to take a shot of this Shelby:
(quick side note: that station wagon in the back is actually part of the show...there were quite a few new mustangs, too.  The only requirement for admission to this particular club is that you have an American made vehicle.)
There were a lot of trucks:
Some fun old cars, too:

Classic muscle:
Including this Duster...for sale...$20,000 OBO:
Gee, that engine looks familiar!

It was fun to look at the cars.  Seeing their insides definitely got me really wanting to get at the Barracuda...really start learning about what goes on in there.
I have plans to meet up with my brother this weekend and hopefully chat about what needs to be done and get some engine size and that sort of thing.

I stopped by Steph's yesterday to pick up the intake, valve covers and other bits so that I can start cleaning!
I would love more of this, but I decided I should probably go with gloves while cleaning.  I do also make paper jewelry when my girlie side shows through...wouldn't want dirty hands for that!  (By the way, the pinky nail really is just because it's the only one that hasn't broken or been chewed off yet!)

Today I made my first trip to our new Harbor Freight tool store.  I bought some degreaser, a box of 50 gloves and a new socket set (among other things)!
Hopefully my next post will be some before and afters of the engine parts!


  1. There is nothing compared to a car show about vintage cars that are being showcased. I mean, every time I see cars like these, it just makes my heart beat twice as fast as it normally does, and that modified Shelby made me feel that way. Heheh. :)

  2. How did you feel with your first visit in a car show? I suppose you felt excited and nervous because of the fact that you're going to see vintage cars, but you don't expect what types of vintage cars are on display. But don't worry; I felt the same way with my first time. :)

    Nicole Vickers

  3. It's pretty fun and exhilarating to go to a car show. This is where you’ll see one-of-a-kind cars. You can see those classic and vintage cars and get a glimpse of the past, or you can feast your eyes on the cars of the future. Either way, it’ll be a fun experience!

  4. I hope that by this time, you were able to get and prepare a car that you will showcase on the next car show. Seeing a car show is fun but being part of it is even more exhilarating! Imagine different people staring at your car in awe. Now, that’s a very fulfilling moment. =)

  5. It must have been a fascinating experience aside from the funny parts. I remember going to my first car show and I really learned a lot about car models and makes. From that moment on I made attending car shows one of my most fun habits!

    Leisa Dreps