Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Time to read my bible!

I bought this on today. 

We have been trying to wrap things up with Dad's 'estate'.  He didn't leave much behind, really.  And the problem we're having is changing over the ownership of this car.  The car was originally bought for Steph, but it was registered in Dad's name. 
But that's not the half of it!  We have no place to store the car, once we walk away from the house.  My driveway is lacking any real level ground.  There's a spot here or there, but it's not ideal.
Steph is living in a condo, where she is already using a 'visitor' parking space for her own car.  She has been trying to buy a house for several months, but we can't really rely on her getting a new place in time.
That means...I'll take the car.  And then when she moves, we'll move the car again.
Currently, we're looking at a car with 3 low tires and a flat.  And, just for fun, I found out that both front and rear brakes are seized due to the, at least, 2 years it has been sitting there, trapped behind Dad's wheelchair ramp.
(Unfortunately, I was not thinking and didn't get pictures of it's prison...but i will get some shots of the demolished carcass of the ramp to post later.)
Now, in my mind, I'm seeing a long tow from Dad's to my place; and then later, from my place to Steph's. 
But that's not the way to think!  The car can sit at Dad's for at least a couple more months before the bank starts getting upset about non-payment on the mortgage, right?  So we have some time to work on it while it's still there.
And, if it turns out that that is not the case, and we have to leave the property as soon as the final paperwork is filed for the will, then once it's towed here...we can begin work on it here, and perhaps be able to simply drive it to Steph's, if we want to switch it up!

Whatever happens, I am excited to get my new book!
And I am happy to report that Big Bro (aka BabyDan...he's Dad's junior...I wonder why we never called him 'D.J.'??) is back in our lives and will be assisting.  He's a welder, by trade, and has done body work on other cars.  He is also the only other family member we have around here who knows anything about cars. 
I believe, armed with our manual and a few knowledgeable people, we may actually be able to get this thing running!
Fingers crossed!


  1. yay cuda girls and babadan! I am glad you are going to have this to bond with. I am a bit jealous of the sibling thing. Being, for all intents and purposes, an 'only' child the grass looks pretty green over there.
    Have fun!

  2. girl! tie a scarf around yer neck and bob your pedal-pusher'ed self over!! have a ne-hi or vernors and hang out!!