Wednesday, June 8, 2016

working...but not on the car, really

Boy this project has its ebbs and flows. Years of not doing anything seems to turn to days of work...then back to bad weather/busy schedules/waiting on parts...then stuff starts to get done again...and now, back to the back burner it goes.
I do remember a time when my list consisted of: homework, wash dishes, baby sit, read/play with Barbies/catch frogs and lady bugs.
Now, if I want to catch frogs, I have to hope I see them during my skate dates! Okay, you caught me. I still find time for fun. (and i did have to coax a frog across the bike path after almost squishing him under my skate, a couple days ago.)
But the car has dropped on the list again, sadly. It's crunch time for me and my Relay for Life team. In just about a week, we're taking the track to camp out and walk for 24 hours, all in the name of raising money for cancer research and patients. All year long we've been raising money, but this last week before the event means making posters, airing out tents, making lists and getting the new teammates prepared, making cupcakes, lining up last minute events, and this year we got shirts printed. We all help out, but man this last week is exhausting! I'm actually looking forward to just walking! (last year, i stayed up the full 24 hours and ended up walking 30 miles!!!)

Anyway...there's that...
plus, my very best friends and i have our 'girl gang' and we hang and skate and just have fun whenever we can get away from work all at the same time. Since it's a rare scene these days, i never pass that up!!
Jen, Susie, and skate date
Last year, around this time, my sister and I took a quick trip to Detroit to visit mom...did it again this year and had a blast..again...of course.

I saw, and was told about this cool bar/restaurant, Vinsetta Garage, last time and just HAD to go this year. A.Maze.Ing! It's an actual old garage. The old wooden door opens in nice weather, which it was when we got in, and it's just a cool venue. The burgers were to die for.
We also hit up the zoo, which was fun...I love penguins. We took my mom to see some kick ass roller derby, as the Detroit Derby Girls had their league championships that weekend. So fun.
We also went to the local brewery, near mom's apartment: B. Nektar Meadery

And so after the relay event, a week from saturday, my sister, a friend and I are going to see Heart at the local concert venue, Cape Cod Melody Tent.

But after all of free time goes into this car. I had hoped to get it done to drive to the concert, but I knew that was quick a lofty goal. I'd be happy just to have the main systems i'm working on now, done.
I've been struggling, still, with the dreaded torsion bar. I finally got the bushings and I'm pretty sure I have what i need to get that suspension/brake conversion done, but ...well, I have mixed emotions.
I have people warning me that if something goes wrong there, it goes really wrong and it could mean bodily harm. Now, i'm totally into scars and don't care if i cut myself and am fine getting a little of my blood on this car (KISS ARMY style!), but I'm not into losing important things like fingers or eyes or arms.
But there's a part of me that just wants so badly to do it. Get it done and say, 'there. it's done. what's next?'
That's the part that I think will win out. That's the part that has been pouring over my Haynes manual, scouring Cuda forums, and googling the shit out of 'adjusting torsion bars' and 'A-body suspension' and 'how to release the tension on the torsion bar of a '67 Plymouth Barracuda A-body without losing a limb'...
Today I was forwarded a video that made my day. It clearly showed where to jack up the car and what the adjuster screw looks like when the load is off the T-bar and you're safe to start work. It made my heart sing.
So, my plan has been adjusted a little, since I won't be attempting to finish the car by June 25. Now, the floor weld is non-essential. However...not sure how I'm going to mount the fuel tank with the rusted trunk and ...I'm pretty sure the patch my friend did on the frame rail is where the J-bolt for the mounting strap may have rusted out. So there's that.
But, I'm not discouraged! And I still love it when parts get delivered!!!

As I told my friend, I am amazed every day that I remind myself that I'm working on this car. The fact that parts are going back on brings me utter joy.
It's a restoration project that I started blogging about in 2010!!! That's 6 years ago, folks!! W.T.F?

Next post will be about actual work...I promise hope.

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