Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Saturday: A day of moving and cleaning

After my usual 4am-noon shift at Trader Joe's, I was off to visit the car, I mean, I was off to see my sister!  We were hoping (at least, I was hoping) that our brother would be around to give us (me) a better idea of where we should start with the restore.  Unfortunately, he had come and gone from dad's by the time I got to Steph's.  He told us to call when we got to Dad's and he would direct us towards the parts we needed.
Keeping in mind that all the car parts were in a shed, let's just say some stuff had to be left behind after clearly being inhabited by little furries.  We didn't get much in the way of tools, but we did get some major parts back.  And now I'm even more anxious...how does a person with no car knowledge pull this off!!??
Junk in the trunk.
Plus more in the back seat.
Back at Steph's, we were unloading the car when our aunt stopped by to hang out.  As she got the tour of Steph's new house, I gathered up a toothbrush, toothpaste, some water, magic eraser, and Armor-All.
Seats: Before
Seats: After...this terrible picture won't do!  New 'after' picture coming soon.

I scrubbed with all my might and still see the mildew on the seats, and along the back seats.  I am open for suggestions on vinyl cleaning/bleaching products.  After scrubbing the inside, the tour was over, and we moved on to the exterior. 

She's pretty shiny now...but we just used water, this round.  Next time: SOAP!  I took the new air filter off so that we could close the trunk the whole way.  I got my hands dirty!!
Clean seats!!  Get used to this girl, in this car!
So, after an already full day, I was hoping to hit the local car show when I got home.  However, by the time I finished up and got home, it was too late for me.  I love being done with work at noon, but sometimes it is hard to fit everything into the day and still be able to get up at 3 the next morning.  Luckily, the car show is every Saturday...and there just happens to be another Saturday on it's way!
Next post: car show pictures!! (hopefully)

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