Thursday, June 29, 2017

brakes....the never ending story

Day off from the J.O.B.
Made up my mind to put in as much time as i could with the 'Cuda.
I've started calling her Christine because she is an absolute nightmare and i'm beginning to hate and fear her...but, is it weird that that's my middle name??
I went out at 10 am, deciding to start by hooking up the brake lines to the prop/combo valve so i could get the brake system all tied up and D.U.N.
I had the chart I made when i disconnected the original lines, oh so many years ago, so that i knew which lines went where upon reconnecting. (that's one smart thing!)
After a tiny struggle with the first connection, the next one was fairly easy. Along the way i got to the level of frustration that i was ready to throw in the towel for the day...but then i thought i could go a little longer..try a little harder.
I swore like a sailor..cried like a baby...and figured the universe was, again, against me. This connection seemed to either be too big for the hole, or the threads in the hole weren't properly threaded. I didn't really know what to think except to wonder why the hell that thing would not attach. Eventually, I got it in enough to stay put while i screwed it in tighter with the line wrench. Unbelievably frustrating, but it was just a taste of what I was about to experience with the next line.
So i got that worked out and moved on...hooked up another line and went on to the next.
This caused so much trouble that I could not move on.
An impossibly tight space and a line that simply would not screw in caused entirely too much stress after hours of working on a task that seemed it should take a few minutes.
From 10 am to 1:30 pm i worked on those lines. the last 45 minutes was spent on one line. the line from the prop valve to the master cylinder caused so much trouble. I could not get the right angle to get that connection to the prop valve. my hands won't fit in the tight space. from underneath i can't get the strength or proper angle to tighten connection. working with my eyes closed, since i can't see what i'm doing, i still couldn't get the connection to stay put.
Ultimately, I walked away, in desperate need of a shower, without getting that connected.
I am beyond frustrated. Beyond annoyed. Beyond sanity.
And with a severely bruised hand...(which you may not be able to see from the picture, but let me just tell you, the slightest little brush up against anything shoots a cringe-worthy jolt of pain into my hand and making a fist hurts.)

I need to take a day, but I need to get this damn brake system done, once and for all.
I've taken a couple extra days off to keep any momentum I may gain over the next couple months.
Any tips on getting into tight spaces are greatly appreciated!

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