Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Forty degree mornings in may...not helpful

Spring has been very cold...and rainy.
We've had 2 nice days this spring. That is it.
The carport roof has been down for months and the car is just covered by two old generic blue of which may as well be netting.

The result was a large puddle on the passengers side floor, as well as a smaller puddle on the drivers side floor.

Possibly the result of bad window seals...

...possibly in conjunction with the cracked vent...

(both sides are cracked and I'm not sure how long this critter bedding has been here, but it's probably fairly new)
Or, maybe the window, vent AND bad tarp all played part.
With more rain just filling up the forecast, I swapped tarps to at least get a little more protection. Seemed to be doing the trick last I looked but that was 2 days ago.

Today, I am expecting the delivery of my new tarp to replace the missing roof. I'll be rigging it up with some bungees and zipties, just to get some protection. It will not be a full roof replacement but that was for two reasons:
1. I actually like having the sun come through while working, but still have the privacy of the walls.
2. I really like the ability for the wind (which also is relentless) to cut through the carport without ballooning and wanting to take flight!

So after finding the puddles, all I've done so far is take some pics from underneath, reattach the front bench seat, and do a little spit shining to remind myself how beautiful the beast will be when it's running (not 'finished' of course since there's so much to do that I am just not financially set up to do) and I can just go shine her up and tool around causing traffic jams during my sunday drives!

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