Saturday, February 6, 2010

Waiting for Spring: part 2

It gets closer, but it's hard to look forward through the snow. I'm encouraged by the fact that it snows, but only a little at a time these days. And it seems to be melting at a pretty swift pace. So, although it's still just around 20-25 degrees these days, with a flurry here and there, I am still keeping my hopes high that once spring is can start. No waiting for mounds of snow to melt...just waiting for a nice day.
I wanted to get out to Dad's this week while I was 'blessed' with yet another 3-day work week, but caught that cold I have been avoiding all winter and having been feeling crappy. There's also Dad's compromised immune system and me going over with a cold wouldn't be a loving daughterly-type thing to do. Of course, I probably make him out to be more frail than he actually is, but that's me...the great exaggerator.
Possibly this next week I can get out there. The list?
1. clean the interior...carpets, dash, seat. Steph says she's done some cleaning, but I'd bet that was a year ago.
2. remove the battery. A friend of mine AND a friend of Steph's both said to do it. So we'll do it.
3. maybe try to get better answers from Dad concerning insurance, title, and registration. The car has plates and a registration that expired last March, yet no one can actually remember getting plates for the car. It's a mystery I am determined to straighten out ASAP.
4. fix the tarp. Including the addition of bungees to keep it on the car during the windy days.
5. scope out the layout of trees and such for the placement of a series of tarps for rainy workdays.

A short list and certainly things that can be done in almost any temperature. A few things to keep me busy until the day I have a reason to sit in this chair!
Not quite sure of it's purpose, but it has a little tray for tools and it's on wheels so I assume it's for rolling around the 'shop'...
Oh, and we'll have to check out the shed and basement to see which tools our brother left for us when he picked up 'his' tools.

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