Sunday, January 24, 2010


I am really getting tired of Winter, this year.
It's not due to snow. We had one big storm, which was all pretty much washed away by rain a few weeks later, and then minor dustings here and there. But mostly...rain.
It's not because I love summer and the hot hot sun. Because, quite frankly, I don't.
It is simply because I want to get moving on this car! I'm tired of sitting around wondering what we should do. Being semi-unemployed the past 4 weeks, it would've been the perfect time to get out there and do some work. But, instead, it's been fridgid, and Dad has had doctors appointments like nobody's business. I'd love it if we had a garage for that car, but we don't. So we wait. For warmer weather.
I have been considering putting a little money into one of those 'car port' things. Just a little tent in the event that Steph and I are available to do some work, but then it rains. I have a serious curse. I wish it was a joke, but it's not. I live in a town about 30-40 minutes from where the car is (at Dad's house). That is also the town where Steph lives, and also other friends that I used to visit more frequently. I would say 90-95% of the time I would visit, it would rain. Whether it was predicted to or would rain. And for that reason, I believe I have talked myself into springing for a car port thing.
I sent along a little email to the CarTalk guys. For anyone who doesn't know who they are, they are brothers from Boston who know everything there is to know about cars. Well, as far as I can tell, anyway. They are hilarious. I just wanted to see if I should wait until all danger of frost and cold were gone before starting ANY of the work on our car. We'll see if they reply. Hubby thinks I should call them about the car and get on the radio.
"Hi, what's your question?"
"How do I restore this car?"
"Get someone else to do it!"

In other news, since I have none as far as actual restoration yet...
I read a blog post about a '65 Barracuda model, from Mopar Motorhead. And it made me realize...I thought Dad's Barracuda was a '67 and Mom's Mustang was a '65. But, I may have been wrong...Dad's 'Cuda may have been a '65, too. I'll have to research it. I can't really tell by looking at pictures online because all I have to go on is my memory, so I'll just have to ask Dad. Actually, maybe he'll be able to give me some photos of him at the dragstrip or even old pics of Mom's Mustang.
Stay tuned...

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